Seventies inspiration for the Ekta

The 70's is Pop Art, the TV show "Des chiffres et des lettres", Goldorak on Antenne 2, the pants with elephant legs, the separation of the Beatles and the release of the famous novel Shining, the child light by Stephen King. It is in this effervescent context of novelties and innovations that the Ekta Hotel has chosen to position itself to offer its guests a true return to the past, sublimated by a touch of elegance and modernity!


Hôtel Ekta - Salon inspiration années 70

The beginning...

To understand the 70's, we must first dive into the historical context. In a few words, this period comes after the period of the 30 Glorieuses where the French rediscover the pleasures of life and the beginning of mass consumption, after 6 years of hard war. A short and well-deserved respite on the one hand, but also an observation and indignation on the other. Indeed, the stakes and the ecological problems do not leave any more indifferent the French population which begins to be really sensitized with the environmental cause thanks to the television set.



Seventies inspiration for the Ekta Hotel

Art is also resolutely present and offers its share of innovations and novelties: colored and curved furniture, the important use of sequins for clothes and makeup, new patterns and new materials with the omnipresence of the round and the fur print, and many others...

The Ekta Hotel was also inspired by this warm and innovative "seventies" atmosphere by adding modernity and elegance with black, white, a touch of yellow and trendy geometrical patterns imbued with these crazy years!

From this project and this desire to bring comfort and refinement to customers, was born the collaboration between two architects specialized in the hotel industry: Jean-Philippe Nuel and Natasha Stojkovic. Together, they managed to pay tribute to the French capital with a vintage luxury-contemporary decoration.


Hôtel Ekta - décoration inspiration seventies

Jean-Philippe Nuel and Natasha Stojkovic, two artists, two worlds

Sometimes, a passion, a profession is transmitted from family to family. One quickly takes up the same activity as one's parents, grandparents and even more. For Jean-Philippe Nuel, architecture is more than just a family affair, it is a true vocation that has never left him since his youth. It seems almost too obvious: architectural studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, competitions won with flying colors, and a series of successful projects mainly in the hotel industry, in France and around the world (Japan, India, Italy, China, Malta...). When designing his projects, Jean-Philippe Nuel pays particular attention to details: he listens to the environment where the project is located and aims to never destroy the memory and the attachment carried around the building. Instead, he improves, adds his personal touch to projects proposing decorations valuing materials, contrasts and colors. Each element brought in takes its meaning in a framework dedicated to it.

Unlike Jean-Philippe Nuel, who evolved exclusively in a career as an architect, Natasha Stojkovic took several paths before resolutely turning to a career in interior design and decoration. After working in the restaurant industry, photography and for the Lagrange group, Natasha Stojkovic became artistic director of the NovaOm agency, which she founded in 2010. It is with a sober but refined approach to decoration that the agency provides its services to clients in the hotel and restaurant sectors but also for residential projects and individuals. With a strong attraction for photography and attention to detail, Natasha Stojkovic takes into account the space and constraints of each project to offer true artistic compositions, adapted to the needs and concept of the clients.

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